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Signs Of An Overactive Bladder

It is important to know that there is a difference between just needing to use the restroom a little extra for a short time and the true medical condition of an overactive bladder. If you check out the following symptoms and feel that you are someone that might actually have an overactive bladder, you will need to speak to your doctor as soon as possible.

Urinating More Than Normal

If you are not someone who can easily recall how many times you urinate during a 24-hour period, you might want to start keeping track. Keep a little notebook nearby so you can easily make a notation every time you urinate. Do this for several days, or as long as you can until you see your doctor. Having access to this information will help him or her easily diagnose your problem.

Waking Up To Urinate

It is not uncommon to wake up in the early morning hours with the urge to urinate. Sure, it might be a little earlier than what you set your alarm for, but it is close enough to where it is understandable. The problem comes in when you are waking up during the middle of the night, either once or several times, with the urgency to urinate. This disturbance in sleep is not something that you can continue to put up with. Since it is a big sign of an overactive bladder, you should speak with your doctor to see what can be done about it.

Never Feeling Empty

After urinating, you should feel as though you have expelled all of the liquid that you could possibly expel. However, with an overactive bladder, you always feel as though you still have to urinate, or at least feel you do the majority of the time. This can be painful, irritating, and extremely inconvenient. This is especially hard to deal with if you are not always near a restroom and you feel as though you have to urinate immediately or there could be an accident.

So, if you find that you have any of the previously mentioned symptoms, you are going to want to speak to your primary health care provider right away. The last thing you want to do is wait any longer than you have to, especially since the symptoms can get worse over time. If you take action right away, you might be able to get a medication that will help get rid of the symptoms that plague you. Talk to places like Alliance For Women's Health, Inc. for more information.