Don't Neglect Mammograms out of Fear

Daddy Boot Camp

So, your wife or girlfriend is pregnant and you cannot be more excited, but you also cannot be more nervous. This is completely normal and to be expected for a soon-to-be father. You might feel like you need parenting classes or help. Here are a few steps to walk you through how to be the most supportive you can be through the birthing process:

The Basics

For centuries, the birthing process was left strictly to the women. However, most couples now opt to have the father in the delivery room to aid the mother through the process. Be sure to make pertinent birthing decisions together prior to the due date.

Some of these questions include what you would like to name the baby, what type of birthing process you would like, and whether or not to use medications such as an epidural. Keep in mind, that any of these answers can change quite rapidly during the process, so make sure you act flexibly. 

Packing a Bag

You will most likely be in charge of packing a bag. This bag should include, 

  • Snacks for yourself-passing out because you haven't eaten all day only makes the process more stressful
  • A laptop or some form of entertainment for the hours of waiting time
  • Phone with charger for picture taking and calling the relatives
  • Change of clothes for the mother and a set of clothes for the new baby
  • Paperwork, such as insurance cards and payment information


Your role in the delivery room will include a variety of things. You have the responsibility to make sure that your wife or girlfriend knows what is happening at all times, and that the doctors and nurses pertain to her birthing plan. If she does or does not want medication, you should make sure her wishes are granted.

You will also be able to aid the doctor in the nursing process by holding one of the mother's legs. Additionally, you will have the option of cutting the umbilical cord instead of the doctor.

After Birth

You will want to help the mother through the first breast feeding endeavor. Breast feeding can be extremely difficult, depending upon your child. Allow your wife or girlfriend about an hour of calm after the birth so that she can attempt the first breast feeding without a bunch of relatives and friends surrounding her. There are plenty of books and pamphlets on how to help with trying different latching techniques.