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How You Can Properly Prepare For Your Homebirth

For many pregnant women, a homebirth with the help of a midwife is a great option for delivering your baby. A homebirth can provide a personalized and natural experience with a midwife you build a personal connection with, but it's important to plan it right. Here are some tips to help ensure you properly prepare for your homebirth and remain as comfortable as possible throughout the process.

Prepare Your Home

First, you'll want to create a hygienic environment for your homebirth. Your home doesn't have to be sterile, but it also shouldn't be messy either. If possible, try to keep a room exclusively available for the homebirth in the final weeks of your pregnancy. A lot of clutter will also likely increase your stress levels during the birth, and items lying around on the floor can actually present obstacles for both you and your midwife as you deliver your baby.

You should also have plenty of plastic sheeting available to cover chairs, bedding, and your floor because the birthing process can be quite messy, as you might imagine. You should have plenty of towels, soap, hot water and sponges available as well, and all of these items should be easily accessible for your midwife when your baby is being delivered.

Make Yourself Comfortable

Part of the appeal of having a homebirth is you'll have the extra comfort and security that your own home can bring you. However, you should still prepare your birthing area in advance to ensure you feel safe, warm and as comfortable as possible. Have plenty of floor cushions, a yoga ball, or bean bag available in order for you to change positions and have plenty of soft areas to lie on. Think about having some candles to provide warm light as well.

While you may want to keep your home lighting dim during the labor process, also be sure to have a small portable lamp available so the midwife can direct light at you if it's needed, such as if you need stitches following birth.

Have A Maternity Bag Ready

You may be wondering why a maternity bag is necessary if you're doing a homebirth. For one, it's simply good to have all your personal items in one place, such as diapers, a camera, extra pairs of underwear, lotion, a change of clothes for both you and the new baby, and other items that your midwife recommends. The second reason is that there may be a complication during your homebirth, and it's important to have a maternity bag ready in the case you need to quickly go to the hospital.

Ultimately, a homebirth can be a magical and rewarding experience. Follow these tips and you can help ensure that your homebirth is a little bit easier for everyone involved. For more information, contact a specialist like All Women's Healthcare.