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Acupuncture Exercises You Can Do At Home To Relive Tinnitus

If you suffer from tinnitus, acupuncture is one way to relieve the constant sound in your ears. If you don't have time to fit an acupuncture visit into your schedule, try out these three at home acupuncture exercises listed below. These at home exercises may relieve your tinnitus until you can make it in for an appointment with your acupuncturist.

1. Massage Around Your Ears

To experience relief from your tinnitus, you don't even have to massage your ears directly. There are numerous pressure points throughout your body that are connected to your ears and can bring you relief. One of these points is right below your ears.

Take your hands and place them right behind and below your ears. Your hands should be resting in the space between your ears and your next. Behind your ears, you should feel a shallow spot between your ears and your head. Take your fingers and gently massage this spot. As you massage, focus on your breathing. Try to breathe slowly in and out as you massage this area. Continue massaging for four more minutes.

2. Massage Where Your Neck & Head Meets

After you have finished massaging behind your ears, move your hands behind your head all the way to the base of your spine where it connects with your head. You should be able to feel a muscle right where your spine connects to your head on the left side and the right side.

Use your fingers to apply pressure to both of these points. Apply pressure for about ten seconds to each point, then move your hands. Repeat this four more times. Applying pressure where your head and neck connect will help relieve pressure that is built up in this area. The relief of this pressure could help lessen the symptoms of tinnitus that you are experiencing.

3. Relieve The Pressure In Your Lower Back and Kidneys

Chinese acupuncture maintains the belief that chronic tinnitus is caused when something is off in your kidney meridian, which is why you need to also stretch out your lower back and relieve the pressure and energy that has built up in your kidney meridian.

Lay down flat on your back. You can lay on your bed or on the floor. You want to lay flat on a hard surface that is not too soft in order to keep your back straight.

Once you are comfortable lying down, pull both of your knees together towards your chest. Pulling your knees towards your chest will allow your spine to straighten out, and will allow the energy in your kidneys to be released.

Hold your knees close to your chest for ten seconds, and then straighten out your legs. Repeat this process four more times.

Although you may not experience immediate relief after doing the above exercises, if you continue to do the above exercises every day and see your acupuncturist, you may experience some relief from your tinnitus. To find out more, contact a company like Relief Acupuncture.