Don't Neglect Mammograms out of Fear

Gynecologists Offering Primary Care Health Care Services Along With Numerous Other New Services

Gynecologists and their patients are benefiting from new trends in women's health care, which make it so much easier to understand the complexities of various conditions that can affect women's reproductive systems. Back in the day, primary care physicians shouldered the full health care needs of your elderly family members. That included gynecology and obstetrician services. As time passed, physicians branched out into specialty training that gave people the opportunity to choose an obstetrician for their birthing needs and a gynecologist for all other reproductive system needs. Now gynecologists are expanding the services they offer to include primary care physician needs that you may have.

Primary Care Being Offered By Gynecologists

The health care industry is a highly competitive field, and the Internet and word-of-mouth are highly effective tools in promoting gynecological practices that offer full-range general care services. Gynecologists are now offering full service wellness programs that include primary care physician all-round service. You can have all your gynecology and genitourinary care along with wellness and early disease management conducted by a gynecologist. 

Screening And Intervention Services

They have now added screening and intervention to listed services and can refer you to specialists when you need to have your annual wellness exams done. New service trends also find some gynecologists addressing behavioral health problems that include depression and substance abuse. They may offer you bone health and gastrointestinal disorder services and can also address cancer and cardiovascular disease problems.

Whereas in the past you had to be referred by your primary care physician to specialists, your gynecologist can now also make those referrals. Some insurance companies will permit you to refer yourself to specialists. It's better, though, when a referring physician interacts with the specialist and sends a copy of the finding diagnosis to the specialist.

Infertility Problems And How To Avoid Them

Many women are faced with infertility problems. Gynecologists are now saying that weight can affect hormonal regulation and ovulation. So they are telling you to maintain a healthy body weight, which they say helps to regulate normal ovulation and conception.

You should also avoid contracting sexually transmitted diseases. Gynecologists have confirmed that sexually transmitted diseases, especially chlamydia and gonorrhea, do cause fertility problems that prevent you from conceiving. These diseases affect both males and females, and you are best advised by gynecologists that you should be very upfront in discussing this problem with your partner to make sure you are both not afflicted with either of those sexual diseases.

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