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Make Sure Your Child Can See Clearly

It can be hard enough keeping your young child's clothes clean and in one piece, let alone trying to make sure that they keep their glasses on, clean, and in one piece. However, if your child needs glasses, then you need to figure out a way to get your child to keep their glasses on, not lose them, and keep them reasonably clean. You also need to have a plan for when the glasses get broken or lost. 

Cool Cases

The easiest way to make sure that glasses don't get scratched or lost if probably to make sure that they get put away properly at night. Have a case for your child to put their glasses in every night.

A hard case is the best choice, especially for children, because the glasses are more protected. In order to get your child to keep their glasses in the case, let them pick out one that they really like. It could be their favorite color or cartoon character, but something they choose will make them more likely to use it regularly. 

Straps and Chains

One way to keep your child's glasses on their face is to have them wear a strap. These straps hook on the ends of each of the ear pieces and go around the back of the head. Your child many not need the strap all the time, but it would be a good idea for them to wear it while they are participating in sports, in gym class, or at recess.

Since straps are generally fairly inexpensive, your child could have several and can choose whichever one they want to wear on any particular day. If your child is a toddler, you may want to have them wear a strap all the time, just because they don't want to keep their glasses on (or don't yet know how).

Chains aren't used to keep glasses on your child's face, but a good chain can help keep your child's glasses on their person. Again, they hook on to the ends of the ear pieces, and then go around the back of the neck. If your child's glasses fall off, then the chain catches them before they hit the ground. The chain will also give your child the chance to just wear the glasses around their neck if they don't need their glasses right that instant. 


It is pretty much inevitable that your child's glasses are going to get lost or broken. Even the most careful child can have something beyond their control happen to their glasses. When something does happen, it can take a week or more for your child to get their new glasses.

There are two different ways to handle this. You can get very inexpensive frames and have them made into a pair of glasses to store as a spare, or (if your child has had glasses before) you can keep their old glasses around for an emergency situation until their replacement glasses are ready. 

With the right planning, the problems you experience with your child's glasses should be minimized. For more information, contact a professional like those at Absolute Vision Care.