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4 Aids To Help You With Your Disability Around The Home

Being disabled not only means that getting around outside the house requires mobility aids, but it also means that you may need different aids while at home to get around and help you accomplish your day-to-day tasks. There are a number of different aids that you can use at your house to make each day a little easier. 


If you are confined to a wheelchair or a scooter, you probably find yourself frustrated when trying to reach things in the kitchen, your bedroom or anywhere else in the house. Just because you can't stand up and reach for an object doesn't mean you can't grab the object, however. Speciality grabbers, tools that have an adjustable, maneuverable claw on the end and that extend outward, can help you reach anything and everything. These grabbers usually have plastic grips to ensure that you won't drop anything, and can expand to fit almost any object. 

Stair Lift

If you have stairs in your home, but are unable to use them, you might want to think about having a stair lift installed, like those from Twin City Stair Lifts. These lifts attach to the side of your staircase with a track. Attached to the track is a seat which has electronic controls that allow you to move the seat up or down the stairs. Stair lifts can help you get to every place in your house, even if it is not possible for you to walk up or down your stairs on your own.

Shower Seat

If you are unable to stand for long periods of time and don't have a bathtub, you should think about investing in a shower seat. Shower seats can be added to any shower and come in a variety of sizes. Stand-alone shower seats exist, as well as shower seats that are actually mounted to your shower wall. These seats allow you to enjoy a shower without having to worry about slipping, falling or standing up at all.

Adjustable Bed 

If you have lost the use of your legs, you might find it difficult to get in and out of bed. Adjustable beds exist that not only adjust your legs or your torso, but that can be adjusted up or down. You can lower the bed in order to get in or out of it from your wheelchair, making the process a bit more painless. 

These aids should help make life a bit easier at home and ensure that you can do everything on your own.