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3 Ways To Easily Incorporate Organic Whey Protein Powder In Your Diet

Whey protein is considered by many health gurus to be one of the purest forms of protein that you can get. Derived from milk, whey protein is often a byproduct result in the cheese making process, but can also be separated from the casein in milk through a secondary process. If you are looking to incorporate more amino acids and protein into your diet, it is definitely a good idea to invest a good, organic whey protein powder. But once you have a good product, you will be left trying to find new ways to incorporate whey protein powder into your regular foods. Here are three easy ways you can incorporate organic whey protein powder into your diet.  

Add whey protein powder to shakes or smoothies. 

Perhaps the easiest and most preferred way for most people to add whey protein powder to their diet is by using it in smoothies or shakes. Because whey protein powder is available in flavors like vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate, it melds well with other shake or smoothie ingredients, such as nonfat yogurt or fruit. Shakes and smoothies are especially a good idea if you are always on the run because it is easy to toss several healthy ingredients in a blender and then grab a cup and go. Just keep in mind that whatever you use along with the whey protein powder in your shake or smoothie should be healthy, free of excess fats and sugars, in order to reap the full benefits of the supplement. 

Incorporate whey protein powder into your breakfast cereal. 

If you enjoy a good bowl of steel cut oatmeal in the morning, organic whey protein powder is a good addition. You can go with flavored varieties to give your morning hot cereal a kick of extra flavor, but you may prefer non-flavored versions if you want to keep your oatmeal tasting somewhat the same as what you are accustomed to. 

Sprinkle whey protein powder into your baked goods. 

Whether it is muffins, breads, or cookies, you can actually add organic whey protein powder to many of the most common things that you bake at home. Transform ordinary oatmeal cookies into a power-punch treat by adding a level scoop of whey protein powder when you are mixing the dry ingredients. Forget ordinary muffins; Add a spoonful of whey protein powder instead of sugar and add fruit for sweetness and you have a breakfast staple that will give you an energy boost.