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Being A School Psychologist

Perhaps one of the most rewarding jobs in the psychology field is that of a school psychologist. If you want psychology to be your profession, you should consider working in the educational system to help struggling students. You can use your talents to benefit young people while enriching your own life.


The demand for school psychologists has grown in recent years due to a large population of school children who have special needs. In the past, the mental and emotional health of students was frequently overlooked or not considered part of the school's responsibility. Of course, children who are suffering from these problems are unable to function appropriately in school. Now more parents and school administrators recognize that a school psychologist is a necessary addition to the staff. In addition, a number of psychologists in the field have recently retired or are scheduled to do so in the near future, meaning you will have an easier time finding a position. 


A school psychologist has a variety of duties. in addition to helping children be successful in the classroom and at home.  You will often consult with teachers to educate them on ways to manage behavior in the classroom. Another of your roles will be to educate the staff on how to deal with crisis situations. You will be a resource for parents who need help guiding their children through various difficulties, including substance abuse. A school psychologist has many essential duties to perform. 


Being a school psychologist also comes with some excellent perks for you. In some instances, your schedule may mirror that of the students, meaning you will get all or part of your summers off. You can use this time to enhance your educational credentials as well as to spend more time with your own family. In addition, you will earn a solid salary. In 2012, the average earnings for a school psychologist were $69,280. The average entry-level salary for this position was under $38,720. Of course, those with a doctorate in the field earn substantially more than those with a master's degree. 

If you choose to pursue psychology, you should consider becoming a school psychologist. You can make a difference in many students' lives while having a fulfilling career. The demand for these professionals is expected to be strong for years to come, and the position offers you sound financial and personal benefits. You can do well for everyone concerned. Contact a business, such as The Genen Group, for more information.