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3 Tips To Help Relieve Your Back Pain

Have you been experiencing chronic back pain? That nagging feeling can keep you distracted at work and keep you up at night. If the pain has continued for some time,  it might be time to head to your local pain management doctors or back specialists. That said, you're still going to need some advice on treating the pain in the meantime. Whether the pain you are experiencing is chronic or just appeared recently, here are 3 different things you can do that may help give you some relief. 

Heat It Up

While ice is well known to be able to help dull pain, there are benefits to using heat as well. notes that heat can increase blood flow to the painful area, which helps promote healing. If ice alone isn't getting the job done for you, consider switching to heat or alternating back and forth. You can buy a heating pad or use a natural remedy like a hot bath to try to tackle the issue.

Breathe In, Breathe Out

If your back pain is chronic, any additional stress will not be helpful. While treating the pain directly with heat or ice may prove beneficial, you could also benefit from getting your entire body to relax a bit. Some prefer following a meditation ritual daily but if that's not your thing, you can still just close your eyes and breathe in and out deeply for a few minutes each day, letting your muscles relax while you do so. Meditation may not cure your back pain but relaxing your body can at least help prevent your back from becoming agitated due to stress.

Massage Therapy

Hiring a massage therapist for a regular session is going to be more expensive than just buying a heat pack or sitting through a quick meditation session, but sometimes hiring a professional is the way to go. Regular massages will help relax your body and relieve pain. According to, regular massages can also help fight off other problems like arthritis and high blood pressure.

If you are experiencing back pain that appears to be chronic, you're going to need more than just an ice pack to take care of the issue. Heat therapy can help promote blood flow to the area to help you heal. Meditation and massage therapy can help reduce stress and agitation on your back. If you are still experiencing issues after attempting to treat yourself, contact a professional back pain specialist like Southwest Florida Neurosurgical Associates for assistance.