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3 Tips To Make Drawing Blood From Kids Easier

Having blood drawn isn't something that many adults look forward to, but the process of drawing blood can be downright frightening for a child. If you work in a lab that deals with pediatric patients on a regular basis, you want to keep this demand in mind as you purchase phlebotomy carts in the future.

The right phlebotomy cart can serve as a valuable tool in helping you reduce the stress associated with drawing blood from kids. Here are three features to be looking for when buying your next pediatric phlebotomy cart.

1. Varying drawer sizes and in-drawer dividers.

When drawing blood from pediatric patients, it can be beneficial to expedite the process to help prevent the child from growing more nervous as they wait. Having a phlebotomy cart that can be easily organized will make it a lot easier for you to find the equipment and supplies you need in less time. When shopping for a pediatric phlebotomy cart, look for a cart that features drawers in varying sizes.

Storing larger items (like sanitary cloths and boxes of gloves) in large drawers and smaller items (like tubing or needles) in small ones prevents smaller items from getting lost at the bottom of a drawer. In-drawer dividers can also be beneficial in keeping your supplies separate, eliminating the need to rifle through several needles to find the size you need for your pediatric patient.

2. A privacy shield.

Seeing you assemble the needle and tubing used to draw blood may increase a child's level of anxiety. A phlebotomy cart with a privacy shield that allows you to get your equipment and supplies ready to draw blood out of sight could make it easier for you to collect blood samples from your pediatric patients.

Look for a phlebotomy cart that has a fold-down privacy screen that can be raised as you work with a patient if you want to reduce both your own stress levels and those of your young patients when drawing blood.

3. Images of popular children's characters.

Some pediatric carts come with vinyl adhesives featuring colorful images of popular children's characters. These types of carts can appear less threatening to a child who needs their blood drawn, easing their fear of the process.

Traditional phlebotomy carts often have a clinical and cold feel to their appearance, so making the environment in your lab more kid-friendly by using phlebotomy carts with cartoon characters on them can be a great way to make drawing blood from your pediatric patients a lot easier.

Having the right phlebotomy cart can play a critical role in determining how easy it is to work with your pediatric patients. Look for a cart that minimizes draw times by offering organization, features a privacy shield to alleviate fear, and has cartoon characters adorning it to help children feel at ease.