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Facing A Temporary Ostomy Associated With Crohn's Disease?

If you've been battling Crohn's disease for years and only recently decided to undergo a temporary ostomy to allow your colon to heal from chronic inflammation, you may be worried about what to expect from the recovery process. Adjusting to life with an ostomy can be a challenge, even if you're already accustomed to spending a good portion of your day in the bathroom. What can you do to prepare your home for recovery before your surgery? Read on to learn more about caring for your temporary ostomy and the types of supplies you'll need to have on hand. 

What supplies will you need to care for your ostomy at home?

Despite the fact that it is responsible for creating a sterile, secure seal from your body's inner organs to a waste pouch, an ostomy doesn't require a great amount of equipment or supplies to maintain. However, there are a few supplies you'll want to have extras of on hand before your surgery so that making mistakes in your first few days of recovery won't leave you without needed pads, pouches, wafers, or seals.

In general, to change your ostomy pouch, you'll need the following:

  • A new pouch and clip
  • Scissors
  • Paper towels
  • Stoma powder and skin wipes
  • Stoma paste
  • A measuring card with various ring sizes 

The pouch and clip will collect waste from your large intestine and hold it securely in place, preventing any odors or liquids from escaping. The paper towels, skin wipes, and stoma powder are designed to clean and sterilize the area. The stoma paste and measuring card can ensure that you select the right size wafer or ring for your stoma, ensuring a tight but comfortable fit.

What should you know about caring for your ostomy? 

You may be intimidated at the thought of changing your ostomy bag or cleaning your stoma yourself. Fortunately, after just a few days of caring for your ostomy, it may seem like second nature.

When caring for your ostomy, the importance of good hygiene can't be emphasized enough. Something as seemingly minor as dirt under your fingernails could make its way into your stoma, causing intestinal infection or other serious health problems that can compromise your recovery. Thoroughly cleaning your hands before handling or even emptying your ostomy bag and cleaning your stoma whenever you change your bag can go a long way toward keeping you healthy and active.

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