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Prostate Cancer Second Opinion Processes And Related New Technology Options

Prostate cancer is the most common form of cancer in men in America. Unfortunately, it is also the most common cause of cancer deaths in America. Because prostate cancer grows very slowly, it's important to be diagnosed early so that it can be successfully treated. Also discuss with your oncologists any second opinions for your treatment since new technology is constantly evolving for treating prostate cancer.

Second Opinion

It's very important to obtain a second opinion once you are diagnosed with prostate cancer. In its earliest stage, prostate cancer may not exhibit any symptoms. Since a very wise adage says prevention is better than cure, it's best to obtain an annual prostate cancer screening if you're over 50 years old even if you're not experiencing any symptoms.

Condition That Mimics Prostate Cancer

A number of other medical conditions may cause symptoms that are common with prostate cancer. One specific condition that mimics symptoms of prostate cancer is benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). BPH enlarges your prostate but is an easily treated and noncancerous condition. So having a second opinion diagnosis could rule out a prostate cancer diagnosis when it ultimately proves you are only suffering from BPH.

Second Opinion About Treatment

Never underestimate the value of a second opinion once your prostate cancer is diagnosed and confirmed. You'll be facing treatment, and its important for you to find out how toxic the treatment will be. Is the treatment going to be invasive and possibly lifelong as well? Your physician is knowledgeable and will offer answers to your quality of life questions.

Immunotherapy Prostate Cancer Treatment

Talk to your oncologist about your unique prostate cancer treatment. If you feel that immunotherapy may just be the right treatment for your cancer, ask about it by all means. Your very own immune system will be used to naturally treat your prostate cancer. This is done by processes that stops or suppresses cancer growth. It's an intriguing and powerful treatment.

Immunotherapy helps your immune system to identify cancer cells. It promotes your body's ability to replace or repair cells that are already damaged by other cancer treatments. So a new and exciting therapy called Sipuleucel-T has now evolved to stimulate your immune system.

The Process Of Immunotherapy

Your white blood cells are filtered and undergo laboratory processing. Researchers isolate a natural and specific protein, which is then forced into your white cells. The mixture is later re-infused into your body. You receive this treatment three times over a period of five weeks. The empowered white blood cells target the surface of your cancer cells only and kill those cells by virtue of their immune signal. Sipuleucel-T is an FDA-approved treatment for metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer when hormone treatments no longer works for you.