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FAQs Before A First Chiropractor Visit

Maybe you were recently in an accident, or perhaps back pain from a hard week at work is catching up with you. In any case, seeing a chiropractor can help immensely, but if this will be your first visit, you probably have a couple of questions and concerns. With any luck, you will find the answers below.

Will the adjustment hurt?

When your back hurts, it's completely normal to assume having it adjusted might be painful. But chiropractic adjustments should not cause any pain. If anything, you will feel relief when your chiropractor adjusts your spine to take pressure off the sore area. You will hear some popping noises when your chiropractor adjusts you, but this is normal and is not associated with pain or damage. The day after your adjustment, you might feel a little tight and sore, but this should not be serious and will subside quickly.

Will you have to take your clothing off to be adjusted?

Some patients feel uncomfortable with the idea of having their body manipulated when they are not wearing clothing. Here's the good news: you don't normally need to remove your clothing for a chiropractic adjustment. You will need to remove anything bulky like a coat or sweatshirt, but your chiropractor can adjust you in a t-shirt or similar thin clothing. Also, keep in mind that chiropractors are trained medical professionals and will be respectful of your body, like any other medical professional.

How long will the adjustment take?

Chiropractic appointments are not long. Your first one will be a little longer since your chiropractor will have to take your health history and ask you questions about your condition. But the adjustment itself will probably take 15 minutes or less. If you plan on your appointment taking a half-hour, you should be in good shape.

Will your insurance cover the adjustment?

This depends. Many health insurance policies do cover chiropractic care to some degree, although you may have to pay a co-pay. Call your insurance company before your appointment; they can tell you exactly how much you will owe. Also, check to ensure your chiropractor accepts your insurance. 

Hopefully, your questions have been answered and you now have a better idea of what to expect from your chiropractic appointment. If you have any remaining concerns, don't hesitate to call your chiropractor before your appointment. They can answer your questions and make sure you feel comfortable.