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4 Reasons Your Weight Might Not Be All Your Fault

Many people who struggle with their weight are often viewed as gluttonous and lazy. Unfortunately, these stereotypes do not take into account that many people who are overweight or obese struggle with other issues that make losing weight and keeping it off harder. There are several reasons your weight struggles may not be simply a matter of diet and exercise.

Metabolic Issues

Although most people who claim to have a slow metabolism do not actually have problems with their metabolism, this is not true for all people. It is important for everyone who wants to lose weight to have metabolic testing done. Some types of tests estimate your basal metabolic rate (BMR) and others measure your metabolism during activity. People who have a slower metabolism will find it harder to lose weight, even when eating a low-calorie diet. To circumvent these issues and avoid eating too few calories, they may have to focus on building muscle to boost their metabolism or doing exercises that are more intense to increase the amount of calories they burn during an exercise session.

Medical Conditions

Some medical conditions can make it easier to gain weight and harder to lose weight. This is one reason your primary doctor should perform periodic tests. Hypothyroidism is one condition that causes weight gain and decreased energy. Another condition that affects women is polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). Women with PCOS typically deal with insulin resistance, making it harder to lose weight. Having PCOS might mean you need a modified diet, not just simply cutting calories, to help you lose weight. Women with PCOS might notice they do better by focusing on a low-carbohydrate diet.


Several classes of medication are associated with weight gain, either because they affect the metabolism, cause changes in neurotransmitters, or increase hunger. Some mental health medications are a major culprit, such as antidepressants and especially certain antipsychotics. Certain birth control methods, whether they are used strictly for birth control or to decrease menstrual problems like heavy bleeding, can also be a culprit. Depo-Provera is the most notorious for weight gain. People with mental health problems may find switching medications within a drug class can control symptoms while have less impact on weight. Similarly, switching birth control methods might also improve weight issues.

Mental Health

Not everyone handles stress or past traumas in the same way. Even people who experience depression and anxiety might have different symptoms that make it harder to lose weight. For example, some people experiencing depression might lose their appetite, whereas others may feel the drive to eat more (depression with atypical features). Although not everyone acknowledges food addiction as a real condition, food can be much like other drugs in their addictive properties. Since certain foods can trigger a dopamine response and increase activity at the rewards center in the brain, eating poorly, overeating, and eating bad foods can be harder to overcome for some people.

Speaking with a weight loss specialist can help you find the right diet or weight loss method for you needs. Additionally, the can help identify problems that may be more than a matter of reducing calories and increasing exercise. Contact a weight loss center for more information.