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What To Know Before A Medical Malpractice Exam

You may find it stressful to be sent in for a malpractice evaluation by an independent doctor. These exams often occur during stressful periods, and they can add to the long list of things already on your plate. Still, they are an important component of any malpractice case.

It's normal to have some questions about what your exam is going to be like. If you still have questions, here's what you should know to be prepared.

Stay Calm & Cooperative

It is important that you are calm during your malpractice exam because it may impact your results. It's also important that you are cooperative with members of staff. Whether you are being examined by the defense's doctor or your own doctor, it is important that you are cooperative with the professional.

Talk Only About Your Injuries

Next, make sure that you discuss your injuries and how they have had an impact on your life. Your attorney will likely give you a briefing on what you should and should not discuss with your malpractice evaluation doctor. Your attorney will guide you through the best practices for answering these questions.

Keep Mental Notes

It is always a good idea to take notes for yourself about what is happening. For instance, you might want to know how much time the doctor spent time evaluating you, and you also want to remember what kinds of questions the doctor asked you.

Know What Happens During the Exam

Your malpractice evaluation exam will likely include a variety of questions about your injury as well as your history. Your attorney may prepare you for the exam by telling you what you should and should not answer. Make sure that you are honest, but also make sure that you stick to the guidelines your malpractice attorney gives you.

The doctor will examine you based on the information you provide. For example, if you tell the doctor that it hurts when you step on the right foot, the doctor will watch you try to put weight on this foot. They will also feel the area for inflammation.

Schedule Your Malpractice Exam

If you have a malpractice case, it is important that you discuss your upcoming exam. This does not have to be a stressful exam, no matter whose doctor is examining you. You are not on trial, and the doctor is simply judging the facts of the case during the exam. A practice like NW Family Psychology - Premier may have more information for you.