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What Not To Say When Convincing An Elderly Loved One To Have Their Hearing Tested

After one too many huhs?! and what'd you says?!, there is no doubt that you will be feeling quite frustrated at repeating yourself every time your elderly loved one is in the room. While to you the solution may seem simple, it is not uncommon for aging adults to not respond well when their loved ones recommend they have their hearing tested.

Some feel that losing their hearing is a sign they are getting older and will be adamant about not admitting there's a problem. Some simply don't feel the issue is bad enough that they should do anything about it. To encourage your elderly loved one to have their ears checked, there are a few things you should avoid saying and a better way to put those same statements. 

Don't Say: You are getting really tired of repeating yourself. 

No matter how you put this statement, it comes off sounding like you are being a bit unsympathetic and judgemental about the situation. Your loved one may feel offended, which will mean they will probably be even less receptive to listening to what you have to recommend to fix the situation. 

Instead Say: Do you ever get frustrated because you have to ask others to repeat themselves a lot?

This shows you are thinking about the individual dealing with hearing loss and not how it affects you personally. Plus, this question can be enough to get your loved one thinking about how it really feels to not always be able to hear what is being said around them. 

Don't Say: You're getting older and need to have your ears checked. 

If your aging relative is the type who does not want to admit they are getting older, this statement will get you nowhere. They will likely respond with reasons why you are wrong and why their hearing is just fine. 

Instead Say: You believe you should have your own ears checked and they should come along.

Because hearing loss is often associated with getting old, it may be better if you initiate the interest in having your own hearing checked so your elderly loved one does not feel so bad about the situation. Hearing loss truly does not have an age of onset that is set in stone, so it is a good idea to have your hearing checked early on even if you feel you don't necessarily have any issues. And it is always worth doing if it convinces your relative with obvious problems to have their own hearing checked out. 

Once you convince your loved one that they need to get their hearing checked, visit a medical clinic in your area, like Audiology Consultants, P.C..