How To Support Your Spouse While They Recover From Chemical Dependency

Having a spouse become addicted and go through the recovery process for chemical dependency requires a very dedicated and supportive spouse. The recovery process can be particularly challenging as your spouse goes through withdrawals and rebuilds their life without their addiction present. Here are a few ways that you can be there for your spouse as they recover from their chemical dependency.  #1 Learn About The Recovery Process In order to successfully make it through the recovery process and maintain their sobriety, your spouse is going to need your help. [Read More]

Treatment Options For Your Prostate Cancer

It can be scary hearing from your doctor that you have prostate cancer. If caught early, though, current treatment options can remove all of the cancerous cells to effect a cure. Here are the common treatment approaches your doctor will discuss with you. Active Surveillance This is the "wait and see" approach when the prostate cancer is in its very early phases. Prostate tumors grow slowly and rarely cause a problem until they become large enough to affect the prostate gland and urinary tract. [Read More]

Diabetic Foot Care Tips

For diabetics, regulating insulin levels isn't the only health concern. People diagnosed with disease are also at risk for foot complications brought on by the disease. If you or a loved one suffers from diabetes, make sure you understand proper foot protection. Diabetic Neuropathy Diabetic neuropathy is a condition that often effects individuals who have dealt with uncontrolled diabetes for some time. When the body's insulin levels are rampant, this can lead to nerve damage. [Read More]

Three Tips For Cleaning A Dentist's Take-Home Bleaching Tray Without Damaging It

If frequent doses of coffee, tea, sugary foods, or cigarette smoke have stained your teeth yellow beyond the power of over-the-counter whiteners to repair, your dentist may allow you to use a specialized take-home bleaching tray with the plastic molded to fit precisely in your mouth. Since it'll take several weeks of wearing the tray with gel for one or two hour intervals to complete the whitening process, you'll need to clean the plastic many times. [Read More]