Five Signs That Your Child Needs To Have Their Vision Checked

Children are mysterious creatures. Although children are often required to get regular eye exams through their pediatrician, these tests are not foolproof and, depending on your doctor, might not come frequently enough to guarantee that your child's vision will be tracked efficiently. Luckily, there are some signs you can watch for at home and in everyday life that can help you know whether your child might need glasses now or shortly in the future. [Read More]

Six Methods To Removing Scratches From Your Eyeglasses

Scratches on eyeglasses are annoying and can be dangerous if they interfere with your vision.  While the best thing to do is avoid scratching your glasses, the reality is that a scratch on your eyeglasses is likely to happen at some point.  There are some quick scratch repairs you can try to do at home before throwing in the towel and replacing your lenses. Before using any of the following strategies, put on a pair of plastic gloves. [Read More]

Trying The Hcg Diet? 4 Tricks To Avoid Cravings

Now that you're on the hcg diet to lose weight, you're probably dealing with the cravings that go with a restricted diet. After all, it can be tough to get used to 500 calories a day. It can be done, though. You don't have to suffer through the cravings. With some careful planning, you can stay satisfied all day long. Here are some simple tricks to get through the cravings. [Read More]

Surprising Possible Causes For Your Child's Tummy Ache

As a parent, one of the most common complaints you will hear from your child over the next 18 years is that they have a tummy ache (or stomach ache when they get older and no longer use the term "tummy"). While you may think that a stomach ache is only a sign of stomach flu or faking-it syndrome, there are several other potential causes of your child's stomach pain. To better understand what possible ailments your child is suffering from, learn some of the possible causes of your child's stomach pain and get them to a pediatric doctor as soon as possible for treatment. [Read More]