Non-Cancerous Abnormalities Mammography Can Detect

Abnormalities that mammography imaging detects aren't always cancerous tumors. Abnormal results often have a completely benign cause. Benign growths normally look round and smooth on a mammogram; cancerous tumors usually have an irregular shape. Although mammograms at clinics such as Radiology Affiliates Imaging detect breast changes that don't look normal, the changes may not necessarily be a sign of breast cancer. Following are some benign abnormalities in breast tissue that mammograms can show. [Read More]

3 Signs That You Should Switch To A Compound Pharmacy

Taking prescription medication isn't fun, but it can be a lot easier if you go to the right pharmacy. There is a good chance that your regular pharmacy isn't the best choice for you, so you might want to look into a compounding pharmacy instead. These are a few signs that you should give this type of special pharmacy, which will mix your medication up for you specifically, a try. [Read More]

3 Home Remedies For Dry, Cracked Feet

Nothing is more frustrating than putting on your favorite pair of sandals and realizing that your dry, cracked feet are on display for everyone to see. Aside from the frustration, the cracking and the lack of moisture can also be really painful. Left unchecked, both can lead to additional problems with your feet. Try some home remedies first to see if you can get your feet back in great shape. [Read More]

How Hot Melt Extrusion Plays A Part In The Pharmaceuticals Industry

Hot melt extrusion, or HME, has been used for almost a century to melt down polymers and plastics and create new products. Although it excels at producing pipes and most cylindrically-shaped industrial objects, it also has applications in the pharmaceutical industry. If you are wondering how HME could be applied to the creation of medicines and pharmaceutical supplies, here is how it is currently used. Capsules It may seem odd that such large machines could produce really tiny products, but the extruding end of these machines can be outfitted with just about any size extruding arm. [Read More]