Trying The Hcg Diet? 4 Tricks To Avoid Cravings

Now that you're on the hcg diet to lose weight, you're probably dealing with the cravings that go with a restricted diet. After all, it can be tough to get used to 500 calories a day. It can be done, though. You don't have to suffer through the cravings. With some careful planning, you can stay satisfied all day long. Here are some simple tricks to get through the cravings. [Read More]

Surprising Possible Causes For Your Child's Tummy Ache

As a parent, one of the most common complaints you will hear from your child over the next 18 years is that they have a tummy ache (or stomach ache when they get older and no longer use the term "tummy"). While you may think that a stomach ache is only a sign of stomach flu or faking-it syndrome, there are several other potential causes of your child's stomach pain. To better understand what possible ailments your child is suffering from, learn some of the possible causes of your child's stomach pain and get them to a pediatric doctor as soon as possible for treatment. [Read More]

Timeline And Preparations For Your Facelift Surgery

Preparing for a facelift procedure can be very daunting, but with a little bit of planning, it can be a smooth process. Your surgeon will provide you with basic instructions, but there are some that your surgeon may not provide you with. These are broken down into a timeline checklist below: One Month Prior to Your Facelift The last month leading up to your surgery is the best time to begin preparing for the procedure. [Read More]

3 Tips For Preventing Peri-Implant Disease

Dental implants are by far the superior choice when it comes to tooth replacement options. They look and feel just like your real teeth, and once they've settled into your jaw, you won't notice a difference between the way that your implants function and the way that your natural teeth function. However, you do have to take steps to guard against peri-implant disease. Peri-implant disease is similar to gum disease – it begins with sensitive or bleeding gums, and can progress to the point that it damages the bone in your jaw. [Read More]